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AURUM is a professional consulting company specializing in regional geology, district geology and volcanology as well as the development of integrated maps used as a base for exploration, prospect definition and integration of geological information using GIS technology.

AURUM was founded in 1992 and mainly addresses the requirements of mining companies in the stages of exploration and production. It performs specific volcanic studies, including those of a geothermic nature, and evaluation of volcanic and geological hazards in general.

The company is based in Santiago, Chile, from where it offers consultancy services internationally, with particular focus on South America .

Since 2002 the permanent staff of AURUM Consulting have been: Moyra Gardeweg, (General Manager), Rodrigo Arcos and Gina Muzzio. These consultants are supported by Luis Delcorto, a specialist in GIS cartographer, Virginia Araya, Executive Secretary and Octavio García who is responsible for general administrative activities.

In addition to permanent staff, specialists in different fields of geology and engineering can be included as required. This national and international network of contacts gives AURUM access to investigations and specific analyses of the highest quality.

The office in Santiago includes a board room, microscopes, computers, a sample storeroom and a specialist library containing numerous maps, publications and reference textbooks, both in digital and paper formats, in support of geological activities. For field work we have 4 wheel drive pickup trucks, camping and communications equipment plus the support of driver-helpers experienced in geological work.

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