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Compilation of Geological Information
Integration of Geological Information
Mines and Mineral Occurrences Data Bases



AURUM compiles, integrates and standardizes geological information from existing published maps and articles and unpublished reports, at various scales, for the generation of updated and consistent regional or district maps, which reflect the current state of knowledge. These maps integrate information generated by geological surveys at various scales, cartographic information from Thesis, monographs, unpublished reports and scientific publications in national and international journals. The compilations are prepared exclusively based on previous information or can be supported by control transects in selected areas and/or review of critical localities in the field.

The preparation of a geological integration involves, among other activities:

  • Cartographic compilation

  • Exhaustive and critical bibliographic research
  • Analysis and evaluation of available data

  • Compatibilization and homogenization of geological units

  • Unification of criteria

  • Data validation

  • Digitization and printing of maps

  • Preparation of databases according to the requirements of the client (geochronology, mineral deposits, formational units, structures, sources of information, geochemistry, etc.)




Geological information, both generated directly by AURUM Consultants and compiled from other sources, is processed in ArcView 9.1 format, exportable into any other Geographical Information System (GIS) format.

The geology is presented in the form of polygons with specific attributes, such as rock type, age, references, etc., according to requirements and the map scale.

Both the point's databases and polygons are georeferenced to UTM coordinates, which facilitates the relation and integration of data.

The following are integrated as point databases , according to the requirements of the client:

  • radiometric ages

  • point structural measurements made in the field

  • petrography descriptions

  • petrological geochemistry

  • modal analyses

  • location and characterization of mines or mineral occurrences

  • local observations of alteration etc.

The polygon data include:

  • geological polygons

  • alteration zones

  • contact metamorphic aureoles

  • mylonite zones, etc.

  • Mining property

  • Protected Areas


AURUM Consultants carries out, in GIS format (Geographical Information System), the compilation, homogenization and updating of information pertaining to mines and mineral occurrences, based on maps and available descriptions of deposits.

The information is compiled from diverse sources such as:

  • geological and metallogenic maps

  • scientific publications such as conference abstracts and papers in national and international scientific journals

  • unpublished reports, thesis, etc.

The data related to each record are presented within an updated geological framework which facilitates the temporal and genetic grouping of known mineral deposits.

The preparation of these listings requires the careful collection and validation of data and their presentation in a format which facilitates their metallogenic interpretation. Potential zones of interest can thus be inferred, depending upon the specific exploration objectives of the client. The information is presented in digital format, easy to use in the form of a database, according to parameters previously agreed with the user.

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