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AURUM Consultants specializes in the preparation of basic, conceptual geological maps at regional (1:100.000 and 1:50.000), district (1:25.000, 1:10.000) and local (< 1:10.000) scales, aimed at generating updated and reliable geological information with a solid analytical base. Such maps are specially designed for geological exploration, decision making about mining properties and/or the definition and understanding of the framework and geological model for a deposit or prospect, in addition to aiding exploration in the surrounding area.

The geological mapping is based upon the following:


Systematic, quality fieldwork, supported by vehicles and equipment which are suitable for the geographical and climatic characteristics of the area.
Digital and analogue mapping with georeferenced observation points, samples, structures, etc.
Characterization of geological units, both stratified and igneous, lithologies, alteration zones and mineralized areas.
Identification and interpretation of structures.


Petrography studies and modal analyses for the classification and characterization of lithologies.
Chemical analyses for major and trace elements and rare earth elements for the characterization of magmatic units.
K-Ar, Ar/Ar and U/Pb geochronology, depending upon the lithological characteristics and the objectives of the mapping.


Efficient office environment which allows us to make the maximum use of field and analytical information. Preparation of databases with the required information, together with the interpretation and integration of analytical data (petrography, geochemistry, geochronology etc.), thus optimizing the information generated. Preparation of databases with the required information.


Products are prepared in digital format, together with the required databases, and can be implemented as GIS (use of Arcview 9.1, MapInfo, digital data capture in ArcPad, etc. See details in GIS Integration).

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