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  Luis Delcorto,

Cartographer, specialist in GIS

Luis Delcorto, Cartógrafo



Degree in Cartography from the Metropolitan Technologic University (1999) and Master in Urban Development from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2002-2003).

Cartographer in AURUM Consultants since 2002. Responsible for the cartographic production and data bases administration of various projects such as the Integrated Geological Map of the Coastal belt from Taltal to Ovalle (29º - 29º 30' S); Geology of the Coast and Center south of Vallenar (28º 30' - 29º S), Geology of the Coast and Center north of Vallenar (28º - 28º 30' S).

Lecturer in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the career of Geodetyc Surveyor, as Associated Professor in the Metropolitan Technologic University

A total of 10 years working as cartographer in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with vast experience in the capture and processing of data, in handling and compiling data bases and in the preparation of maps at local and regional scale (1:50.000, 1:100.000 y 1:250.000). Experience in various software such as ArcInfo, Arcview, MapInfo and ArcGis.


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