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  Moyra Gardeweg P Rodrigo Arcos R Gina Muzzio J
  Gina Muzzio J. (Geologist, MSc) Gina Muzzio J. (Geóloga, MSc)
  • Senior Project Geologist in AURUM Consulting (2002 to date). Regional geology at 1:50.000 – 1:100.000 scales in the Third and Fourth regions in Chile, oriented towards the exploration of Cu-Au-Fe deposits. Geological compilation and integration to a 1:100.000 scale, with control transeds between the Second and Fourth Regions of Chile.

  • Part of a technological investigation project for collecting online data, developed for Codelco jointly with IM2, Geovectra S.A. for copper porphyry ore deposits (2000-2001).

  • In charge of Phelps Dodge Exploration’s Information and Evaluation Systems for South America, evaluating projects in Peru, Brazil and Argentina (Oct. 1996-1999). Definition of exploration targets using GIS technology, satellite imagery and integrated structural, geological and geophysical models. Evaluation and validation of reserves in advanced exploration projects in Chile and Argentina. In charge of the coordination of Mining Property, drafting and GIS departments. Use of TNT, Mips Micromine and Datamine software. Responsible for the negotiation of mining properties and joint ventures with other companies.

  • Revision of preliminary geological mapping of the Santiago sheet with emphasis on Ar-Ar geochronology, for Sernageomin (1996).

  • Iscor Limited Systems Geologist in the central exploration office in Pretoria, for Thabazimbi (iron) Mine in South Africa (1987-1990). Reserves forecasts, management of district and regional exploration databases, of underground and open pit mines. Creation of 3D geological models for PC-EXPLOR and LINX Software for work station.

  • Preliminary geological mapping of 8 1:50.000 quadrangles, part of the Pisagua map project for Sernageomin, I Region, Chile (1986-1987) and Geological Editing Assistant for publication and compilation of the Chilean Geological Map at 1:1.000.000 scale (1982).

  • Lecturer in Photogeology, Geomorphology and Mine II (shared) and a Seminar on the Influence of geological factors in the evaluation of resources for the Universidad Católica del Norte (Antofagasta, Chile) (1992-Feb. 1996) and lecturer in Geology of the Department of Marine Science of the Universidad de Arturo Prat, Iquique (1983-1985)-

  • Degree in Geology from the University of Chile (1982) and Master in Economic Geology from Rhodes University, South Africa (1992).

  • Member of the Chilean Geological Society and of the Society of Economic Geologists of the USA (SEG # 561880)

    A total of 24 years experience in regional geology and integration of data for mineral exploration. Experience in the evaluation of mining prospects.

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